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xampe Private Label SaaS Offers Opportunity to Develop Recurring Revenue Model

xampe announces the availability of our private label SaaS platform.

With our reliable and proven platform,  a highly-focused SaaS solution can be rapidly developed and deployed for your own customers. We work with partners to to create  solutions for under-served niche markets, providing an additional - and recurring - revenue stream from your current and potential  client base.

We are particularly interested to speak to potential partners with complementary service offerings in sectors where the existing technology landscape shows a combination of:

  1. consumer choice limited to few 'legacy' style systems - e.g. low penetration of SaaS solutions, dependence on installed-on-premises software
  2. lack of low-cost or small business-focused solutions
  3. poor match of functionality to meet sector needs
  4. limited or cumbersome web integration

Please do get in contact if you would like to discuss further.

+44 (0) 845 834 0853


Published: 08-05-14 by Nigel Dahl

xampe, saas, white label, recurring revenue

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