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xampe Partners - fast track to #recurringrevenue in 30 Days

New "Fast Track" to Revenues for xampe Partners!

Stop Restarting the Clock - as a xampe Partner your earnings stream can continue even when your "project" work has ended.

Our new onboarding process has been designed based on feedback from our partners and includes:

  • a sales toolkit so you can quickly start illustrating the value of the solution to prospective customers;
  • an implementation toolkit with some smart approaches to getting your customers to value quickly;
  • a partner-friendly configuration for xampe so you can quickly use your free version of the solution in your own business.

If you have a base of existing customers, xampe may well be an additional capability you can offer to many of them - in this case, typically you could be less than a month from establishing a stream of earnings. Also, when you sign up, your profile will be added to our other sale channels, and we'd hope to be passing you new customers as soon as you're ready!

About xampe

xampe is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps companies manage work with colleagues, suppliers, partners and clients. Our key target market is collaborative, mobile and multi-site Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The solution is highly – but easily - customisable to address a company’s real business challenges - in particular to help achieve improvements in customer service and loyalty.

We surround the delivery of the solution with a choice network of professional, customer-centric partners, who

  • have a commitment to delivering tangible business improvements with SMEs
  • who are interested in increasing their service portfolio by using and reselling xampe
  • who want to increase their earnings and recurring income through delivering xampe's solutions

What We're Offering

Our partnership model is about creating joint value with our Partners; we can provide new business opportunities for our Partners, while we rely on our Partners to help us to grow our business too.

As a Partner, you will act as a sales channel for xampe and provide support and help “on the ground” for existing and new xampe customers.

In return, you:

  • will receive an ongoing share of recurring subscription fees
  • will have the opportunity to sell your existing services to new clients, together with related xampe services (e.g. training, consulting, implementation support)
  • receive free use of xampe for your own business

xampe offers the opportunity to provide a compelling service that meets your customers’ needs and can be offered and implemented at the relevant portion of your existing and prospective client base on a short time-frame.

Every customer of xampe is teamed with one of our Partners. Any leads that come into us directly (through our marketing and advertising campaigns) are directed to one of our Partners.

Visit our partner site to learn more about how you could develop your partnership with xampe.

Published: 24-05-13 by Phil Baxter

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