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Benefits of xampe SaaS Private Labelling

Delivering value to your clients under your brand

xampe's software is available as a SaaS* Private Label platform. This means you can:

  1. rapidly create your own software solutions using xampe's architecture as a tested and proven platform
  2. deliver solutions to your own customers with your own branding
  3. create additional features and customisations that are relevant to your client base
  4. focus on the business end of the solution - while xampe takes care of the technology side

By way of example, let's say you are an advisor to vetinerary practices.

xampe's technology will help leverage your knowledge of the ways of working and the challenges facing the sector. For instance, you'll know the type of information a vet needs to record and store against customers, and the best practice for following up customers to maximise retention and future revenues. Such approaches can be codified in your private label solution to help put the best practice into practice (in your clients' practices...!)

Such a tailored solution would offer potentially much greater value from software to the vet practices themselves, whilst delivering a source of recurring revenue to your own business - revenue that is incremental and complementary to your existing advisory revenues.

The SaaS solution, in itself, is simply a means to the end of improving the performance of your clients' businesses.

Substantial benefits to your clients of using SaaS

  1. unlike traditional software, there's no up-front investment.  No servers to buy, no additional hardware, no software licenses. Implementation costs and disruption are minimised.
  2. lower total cost of ownership: owning a xampe solution will certainly be less costly than the sum of all the parts of a traditional solution, including the internal staffing requirements
  3. greater reliability, security and privacy
  4. quicker time to value : due to the simplicity of starting up on a SaaS platform, xampe solutions can typically be deployed very quickly, shortening the time to get benefits from the applications
  5. greater scalability : it is quick and easy to add users 

Substantial benefits to you of using xampe's platform

  1. less risk - the underlying xampe architecture is proven and used in a number of commercial solutions
  2. helps focus  your efforts on developing those components of the service that address business issues in your sector. xampe takes care of the complex underlying record management, user management and so on, freeing you to concentrate on ensuring the solution adds value to customers.
  3. make rapid developments and improvements to solutions. Development lead times are more typically days or weeks than months, and new versions can be immediately delivered to clients, without disruption from upgrades or updates.  

Want to discuss further?

We are particularly interested to speak to potential partners with complementary service offerings in sectors where the existing technology landscape shows a combination of:

  1. consumer choice limited to few 'legacy' style systems - e.g. low penetration of SaaS solutions, dependence on installed-on-premises software
  2. lack of low-cost or small business-focused solutions
  3. poor match of functionality to meet sector needs
  4. limited or cumbersome web integration

Please do get in contact if you think this describes you!

+44 (0) 845 834 0853


*SaaS: software as a service

xampe applications are based on the SaaS deployment model, in which an enterprise application is delivered and managed as a service by xampe. SaaS solutions are an alternative to traditional software packages which typically are delivered as on-premise enterprise applications (software is installed on PCs or servers). xampe delivers its SaaS solutions over the internet, eliminating the burden of managing software applications and associated hardware at the end-user. 

Published: 19-05-14 by Phil Baxter

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