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An Entrepreneurial Business Model for Independent IT Contractors!

xampe Recurring Revenue for Entrepreneurial Partners

The shift to Software as a Service (SaaS) is creating a huge wave of innovation.

But, for the independent IT contractor, it remains a challenge to capture commercial advantage from the trend.

It's a big leap to create a SaaS offering from scratch, given the need to create a meaningful value proposition for customers, a support network and an ecosystem.

Enter xampe

We offer our entrepreneurial partners the opportunity to create a new kind of service.

Coupling your expertise with xampe's platform, you can rapidly configure solutions that address precisely the issues faced by your clients today.

xampe is designed so that partners can target exactly the 'pain points' in a business, whilst the solution concurrently handles the management of business information and administration.

Stop Restarting the Clock

With this new kind of service comes the opportunity afforded by a new kind of business model.  You can deliver clear value for clients by doing what you do today - developing solutions - but without "restarting the clock" when the project ends.

Our partners receive an ongoing and recurring share of subscription revenues paid by their clients. So each time you introduce xampe to one of your clients and deliver great work to them, you're building further your bank of retained clients and the regular, ongoing income from that pool. Plus, xampe is a constant point of contact, providing ongoing opportunities to access clients for follow-up work - whether that be helping use xampe to address new business challenges as they emerge, or supporting with something completely new.

Visit our partner site to learn more about how you could develop a recurring stream of fees with xampe.

Published: 06-01-14 by Phil Baxter

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