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Is your legacy solution ready to be SaaS-ified?!

SaaS solutions have major advantages over traditional "legacy" software. We often speak to "traditional" software companies about how they can create a short-cut to 'SaaS-ify' their solutions using xampe's private label SaaS platform. Here are just some of the applications we've recently been discussing:- document workflow management to support quality management systems and compliance; solution focused on property sector which integrates management of ... more

Struggling to convert your "legacy" software to SaaS?

SaaS offers substantial benefits to both customers and software developers. For a developer, transitioning your existing offering to SaaS can be a difficult journey though, as you'll need a whole different way of developing (and probably a different skillset or team), as well as different customer service, billing and support models. Additionally, you've undoubtably got lots of customers using your existing platform and you certainly won't want to disturb their usage of the solutio... more

xampe Private Label SaaS Offers Opportunity to Develop Recurring Revenue Model

xampe announces the availability of our private label SaaS platform. With our reliable and proven platform, a highly-focused SaaS solution can be rapidly developed and deployed for your own customers. We work with partners to to create solutions for under-served niche markets, providing an additional - and recurring - revenue stream from your current and potential client base. We are particularly interested to speak to potential partners with complementary service offerings in sectors where t... more


Our Origins PYXI Group Ltd was incorporated in 2010, though the origins of the PYXI application infrastructure itself are even older - in its earlier guises supporting a number of different businesses. Since our company's inception, we have engineered the platform and solution from the bottom-up, designing in the best latest thinking in business management, SaaS and even aspects of social networking. Our team at PYXI Group have diverse experience in the technology sector, but also with co... more

Partnership Opportunities

Partners At xampe, we aim to practice what we preach, and so our partner network works collaboratively to achieve excellence in service delivery to our customers. Our network of partners can provide support across the spectrum of our private label solutions and consumer products. xampe application partners - xaps Our xampe application partners, or xaps, can advise on the selection of xampe solutions, configuration and start-up, and provide ongoing support. All of our xaps have extensive tec... more

Private Label Solutions

Private Label Solutions PYXI Group offers a software platform which can be “private labelled” and offered as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) to your own customers. Our SaaS platform will enable your business to implement its own solutions with a faster turn-around and shorter development cycle. xampe’s platform has already been developed, bug-tested, and proven stable, and is used in a number of existing solutions. PYXI Group has designed its platform to be:- ... more

xampe: business apps that make uncommon sense

xampe Business apps that make uncommon sense xampe's mission is to help our clients and our partners achieve their business objectives through the provision of collaborative Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Our solutions place special emphasis on managing the customer experience and aligning an organisation's capability to deliver against its current and future market demands. xampe solutions form an essential bridge between the external and internal worlds of a business - we ... more

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