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Support for xaps

Support for xaps xampe has an unyielding focus on and passion for supporting our customers - and extends the same to our partners too. It is vital to us that our xaps feel supported by xampe in their work of selling, using and supporting xampe solutions on the ground. We've developed a network of support systems to help xaps with their role as ambassadors and support-providers for xampe solutions. Here are just some of the things we offer xaps to help them do their job: free use of ... more

Struggling to convert your "legacy" software to SaaS?

SaaS offers substantial benefits to both customers and software developers. For a developer, transitioning your existing offering to SaaS can be a difficult journey though, as you'll need a whole different way of developing (and probably a different skillset or team), as well as different customer service, billing and support models. Additionally, you've undoubtably got lots of customers using your existing platform and you certainly won't want to disturb their usage of the solutio... more

Creating a SaaS delivery model for your software

As a software development company delivering your applications through the 'traditional' packaged product model, you probably have plans or projects in place to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternative. After all, "SaaS is the leading factor driving system replacements and net new investments in applications" (Forrester Research) - and no wonder, because SaaS offers considerable benefits to customers and developers alike. Transitioning your solution to SaaS can be ... more

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