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Thought You Were Running A Tech Firm? No, You're The Fuzz.

Is it just me, or does it feel like the the internet is getting even more 'Wild West'? Recently, the BBC's Horizon reported on the Dark Web and did a pretty good job of highlighting some of the gargantuan challenges thrown up by the penetration of the net into almost all aspects of our society, including: how do you maintain an open and free internet, but at the same time not leave a vast, unpoliced world for the exploitation of criminals and terrorists? how exactly do we expec... more

Application Partners

Application Partners PYXI Group's solutions are provided to customers over the internet whenever and wherever needed. Supporting our customers in person would be a massive challenge for a single business, so we're developing a network of partners who can help "on the ground" with customers who are using one of our solutions. Our partner relationship is a two way street of mutual benefit and increased opportunities. These partners are known as PYXI application partners. Typ... more

Private Label Solutions

Private Label Solutions PYXI Group offers a software platform which can be “private labelled” and offered as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) to your own customers. Our SaaS platform will enable your business to implement its own solutions with a faster turn-around and shorter development cycle. xampe’s platform has already been developed, bug-tested, and proven stable, and is used in a number of existing solutions. PYXI Group has designed its platform to be:- ... more

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