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Our Origins

xampe Ltd was incorporated in 2010, though the xampe infrastructure itself has been around a lot longer - in its earlier guises supporting a number of different businesses. Since our company's inception, we have engineered the platform and solution from the bottom-up, designing in the best latest thinking in business management, SaaS and even aspects of social networking.

Our team at xampe have diverse experience in the technology sector, but also with considerable exposure to world-class business models in some of the best organisations globally, including Deloitte and Toyota Motor Corporation.


The value set of xampe builds on the personal values of the company's founders and describes how we aspire to conduct and grow our business.

Integrity and Accountability
We believe that integrity and accountability should be fundamental to the provision of our solutions. Whilst we put all efforts behind prevention of issues and helping our clients self-help, we don’t believe in ever ‘passing the buck’ and will go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction with our services.

Our approach is always collaborative, working alongside our clients, our partners and together as a firm. Our belief is that working as a team always produces much better results.

An Unrelenting Focus on Supporting our Clients and Partners
We have an unyielding passion for supporting our clients and partners. Our experience shows our own success will follow on from serving our clients well. We take all steps possible to ‘design in’ the best client experience we can.

Shared Purpose
We want to build a company and community with loyalty and a shared purpose. We seek to inspire dedication to the company and a focus on the success of all its participants.

Excellence and Perspective
We take great pride in a positive ‘can do’ approach to our work and aspire to excellence in everything we do, but without losing a perspective on life, or our sense of humour.

Company Information

Business Address:
Xampe Limited
Ground Floor Offices
Little Keep Gate
Bridport Road

Registered in England and Wales number 07332497

Registered Office:
65 East Street

Our Applications

Customer-focused CRM software to put the customer experience at the heart of your business
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